3-D Puffy Foam

Stitch your fabric pieces as normal and iron with your mini craft iron (provided that you used Heat N Bond Light on the back of your fabric pieces).


Return the hoop to your  machine and finish stitching the remaining filled stitched areas.

Trim your foam pieces according to the size of your design areas. Here, we cut 3 pieces to fit the soccer ball, and two M’s. ***IMPORTANT: Your foam should be a close color match to your thread color to avoid showing through your threads should it be at all visible. We like to use 3mm foam purchased from Data Stitch.

Once the filled stitch areas have completed stitching, top your applique areas with a piece of foam and continue stitching. We like to stitch the outer areas first, then the inner area.

Remove the hoop from the machine and gently peel the excess foam from your two applique areas. You may find that using a pair of tweezers is helpful.

It’s also a good idea to hold the area down with one finger while you are removing the foam so as not to pull or stretch the garment out of the hoop.

Add your inner piece of foam and stitch. AGAIN, your foam should match the color of your thread.

It’s already coming to life!

Again, gently peel the foam from the applique area. We love our fine tip tweezers for this job. See Tutorials > Supplies for some of our favorite tools and supplies.

Look at that dimension!




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