Creating A Raggy Effect

Using the raggy technique gives your appliques some uniqueness and dimension. This particular applique is designed to give the dirt area some dimention and gives a rugged appearance---perfect for the boys!


Once your design finishes stitching the placement stitch, layer your fabric piece with one or two pieces of flannel and lay it flannel side down over the placement stitch outline. In this example I used brown flannel. Begin stitching the bean stitch tackdown. 


Trim around the bean stitch leaving about 1/8" of fabric outside of the stitch line.


Make tiny cuts in to the stitch line about every 1/8" apart. Be careful not to cut the stitch line.


Run the tip of your scissors or fingernail along the cuts/edge to "fray" the layers of fabric.


Run a lint roller to further the raggy effect and "clean up" the bits of flannel and fabric. That's it! Complete the remaining stitching in your design and you have added some adorable dimension to your product!


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